Can I get compensation for damaged clothes?


Use of the common laundry is at your own risk. This means that your own home insurance must cover theft and damaged clothes.

In cases where it turns out that the damages are due to a defect in the machine itself, we are willing to find an appropriate solution to compensate for the damages. If it turns out to be a foreign object or user error, we do not compensate.

If you experience soap residue or other stains after washing, please wash the clothes again before contacting us, as many soap residues due to overdosing can be removed with an extra wash.


How can my clothes get damaged?

If you experience that your clothes have been damaged in a washing machine, it can be due to several factors. Often the cause is not the machine itself, but rather factors such as incorrect detergent, overloading, or not washing the clothes according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Clothes can also get torn if they get caught in the door, drum, or by foreign objects in the machine. Foreign objects are often a problem and are usually the culprit when clothes are damaged during washing or drying. We recommend that everyone always check their pockets for any foreign objects before washing.

It is also important to check the drum of both the washing machine and the dryer before use.


5 tips

  • Always follow the washing and drying instructions on the clothes
  • Check the detergent drawers before use and clean them if there are residues
  • Check the drum of both the washing machine and the dryer for foreign objects before use
  • Do not fill the machine more than halfway up the glass
  • Make sure the clothes are pushed all the way into the drum so they do not get caught when the door is closed

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