May I report an error?



In all TotalCare laundries, residents are allowed to report errors both by phone and via the contact form or email.

In the laundries, there are signs indicating if your laundry is a TotalCare laundry. On the sign, you can read about what it means to have a TotalCare laundry, and you can find our contact information and the laundry number.

If an Easy 6, Easy 3000, Easy 4000, or a Sani Pro Logic system is used, you can report errors via the screen in the laundry. In laundries where residents are allowed to report errors, the error report goes to and, in other cases, to the administrator or the caretaker.


We encourage you to report an error

It is very important to us that your machine- or payment system errors are reported to us when they are broken. Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing when the errors occur, and we greatly appreciate you contacting us so that we can repair the machine as quickly as possible.

We understand how frustrating it is to come down to the laundry to find one or more machines out of order when you have planned your laundry time. Therefore, it is a great help for yourself, your neighbours, and Nortec when you report errors to us or your housing association or cooperative.


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