How do I get a tag for the laundry?


In many laundries, you need a tag to pay for washing or drying. This tag must be activated on a laundry account, where your usage is tracked and paid from.

Some users find a tag ready upon moving in, while others need to order one themselves. The process varies from one laundry to another and also depends on whether it is a cash or credit laundry.

If you are unsure about your laundry type, feel free to call us, and we will quickly find the answer for you.

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Credit laundry

By credit, it is understood that the usage is charged to your rent. All administration related to the laundry is handled by the housing association or the property manager.

For this reason, a new tag must also be ordered from them.

Cash laundry

In a cash laundry, you are responsible for managing your laundry account and tags. You need to create an account on either E-vaskeri or and order your tag from there. If you do not have a smartphone or computer, we are happy to help you get started.

If you are a new user on E-vaskeri, you must first create your user account and accept our privacy policy when you log in for the first time. Now you can order your tag from your starting page or by clicking on the menu "More" and selecting "Order tag." Fill in your name, full address, postal code and city, and choose the delivery type. Then decide if you want to transfer an amount to your account in connection with your order. Once you have ordered your tag, you will receive a receipt, and the order will be ready for us to process.

If you already have an account on E-vaskeri, simply log in, click on the "More" menu, and follow the above instructions from there.

As a new user on, you must first find your laundry by searching for it in the search field. When you click on "Continue," the laundry's page will open in a new tab. On the menu bar, you can find a red box on the far right that says "Order tag/card." Click on it and fill in your information. We will then send the tag to you.

If you cannot find the red box, there may be other ordering options in your laundry. Therefore, ask your janitor or administrator.

A friendly tip: remember to put your name and address on your mailbox – the post will not deliver the letter if the mailbox and letter do not match!


Not all laundries use tags

You might also use a laundry that does not require a tag at all. Airwallet is a payment solution where you use your phone to pay.

Lastly, we also have a few laundries that use laundry cards. If you need a new card for your laundry, please contact your landlord. Ordering a laundry card on is done as described above.

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