Payment methods in the laundry


In laundries, you can either pay cash or on credit. Here you get an explanation of the difference between the two and what you as a user need to be aware of.

Cash payment

This payment method requires you, as a user, to deposit money into a laundry account before you can start a machine in the laundry. You can make the deposit using both debit/credit cards and MobilePay.

In laundries where Airwallet is used, you also pay in cash, but here you do not pre-deposit money into an account to use. Instead, you pay the price per wash immediately. In Airwallet, you can pay with both debit/credit cards and MobilePay.

Credit payment

When you pay on credit, it means you're washing in debt, as your total usage is settled at the end of each month. The total settlement is then sent to your administrator, who adds your usage to your rent invoice.

When you're washing on credit, you don't need to keep an eye on your balance to ensure you can start a machine. You can do so as soon as your tag is activated on your account.

Be aware that your settlement is offset. Since a settlement period is a full calendar month, your administrator cannot include it in the next month's rent. Therefore, usage for the month of May, for example, will only be invoiced on the rent due at the beginning of July.

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