Guide for “Offline users” of the payment system


By offline user, we mean users who do not have an online account on E-vaskeri. Below, we explain how you can make reservations, check usage, and more via the payment system in the laundry.

Please note that the selection of modules may vary depending on your housing association or cooperative agreement – therefore, it may not be possible to see everything described below.


How do I activate my laundry tag?

You need to go down to the laundry and scan your laundry tag on the payment system. As a new user, you will be asked to enter your activation code.

If you are a user of a cash laundry, where you deposit money into your laundry account, you need to contact Nortec for assistance with setup and transfer of funds. We will also provide you with your activation code, which you need to activate your tag.

If you are a user in a credit laundry, where your usage is billed with your rent, you need to obtain an activation code from your housing association or cooperative.

If you have not received it, we can only assist you if you can provide us with your full tenancy number. If you cannot find this, you need to contact your housing association or cooperative.


How do I reserve laundry time?

To use the reservation menu, press the calendar icon. Here, you get an overview of your existing reservations and can make new reservations. If you wish to delete an existing reservation, you need to press the red cross next to the reservation.

To make a new reservation, press the green arrow in the bottom right corner. The machines have different colors depending on their status. Red machines are reserved by others, blue machines are available, and green machines are already reserved by you.

To reserve machines, press directly on the square indicating the desired time slot. After selecting the time slot, you now need to select one or more machines. Press each desired machine so the checkmark turns green and complete the reservation by pressing OK.


How do I check my usage?

To see your usage over the past month, press the receipt roll icon. At the bottom of the list, the total usage for the month is displayed. With the arrows - in the bottom right corner - you can scroll up and down the list of individual entries.


Tag information

If you press the tag - in the bottom right corner of the menu - you get an overview of your account information. If you have created a profile on E-vaskeri, your email address or phone number will be shown. If you are not yet registered as a user on E-vaskeri, you can do so using the activation code you received with your laundry tag.

Under user info, you have the option to see your balance and your activation code. Below this, you can enter your mobile number if you wish to receive SMS notifications. Choose your notification settings.


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