Lost tag – how to get a new one


Have you been unfortunate enough to lose your laundry tag?



If you have lost your laundry tag and are billed through your rent, you must always order a new tag from your housing association or administrator.

Remember to block the lost tag in E-vaskeri or vasketid.dk, with Nortec, or your housing association.



If you transfer money to your laundry account yourself, you can order a new tag/card via E-vaskeri or vasketid.dk.

In E-vaskeri, go to the menu "More" and "Order a tag" and on vasketid.dk, select "Order tag/card" at the top right corner before logging in.

Fill in your name, address, and postcode.

Please ensure that your address is filled in correctly and that your name and address are on the mailbox. Postnord will not deliver the letter with the tag order if the name is not on the mailbox or if the address is not correct.

If the option to order does not appear, contact your housing association or administrator. They may have chosen to handle the distribution of tags themselves.

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