The tag is active on another user's account


Have you noticed that your tag is still active on another user's account? If so, it's important that you contact us.

When moving out of your apartment or for any other reason no longer need your tag for the laundry, remember to close your account on E-vaskeri. At Nortec, we highly prioritize recycling, and this also applies to our tags. Therefore, they can easily change users as long as the information on the tag is deleted.

If you find yourself with a tag where you can see a different activation code on the payment system than the one you have on your E-vaskeri account, it's because the previous user hasn't closed their account. That's where we need your help.

Scan your tag on the payment system and click on user information. You can find this by clicking on the image of the white tag. If our customer service is open, please feel free to call us and provide us with the activation code that the tag is currently active on. If we're closed, you can take a picture of the activation code or write it in an email to us, and we'll make sure to close the account as soon as we're open again.

Once the old account is closed, you can activate the tag with your activation code and link it to your own account.

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