"You have no access" is shown on the payment system


When you have scanned your tag and you see this message, it could be due to a couple of reasons.

Your tag is blocked

If your tag is blocked, you will receive this message when the tag is scanned on the payment system. Often we see that users may have misplaced their tag at some point, obtained a new one, and therefore blocked the old tag. Many find the tag again, but it cannot be used until it is reactivated. This is a security measure to prevent misuse if the tag falls into the wrong hands.

If you have blocked the tag yourself via your E-vaskeri account, you will need to reactivate it in the same way. Log on to your account, go to the menu “More”, and select “Barter piece”. Here you will see an overview of your active and blocked tags. Reactivate the blocked tag here. The tag will be usable in the laundry within a short time.

If you did not block it yourself, but had Nortec or your janitor/administrator do it, you will need to contact us or them again to reactivate the tag. Note that at Nortec, we can only assist users in a cash laundry where the user transfers money to the account themselves.

You do not have access to the laundry room

To gain access to a laundry room, your access must be granted by your housing association or cooperative. Therefore, you can only use the laundry rooms that have been predetermined.

If you are in a laundry room and see the message “You do not have access,” it might also be because you are in a laundry room where you haven't been granted access. Unfortunately, Nortec cannot assist with this, as the decision is not made by us.

However, we can help you see where you do have access so you can quickly proceed.

If you have an account on E-vaskeri, you can see which laundry rooms you have access to on your homepage, in addition to the ones you already use. Simply scroll down to the section “More laundry rooms”.

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