Tag not received after ordering


If you ordered a new laundry tag through vasketid.dk and it has not arrived, there may be two reasons for this:


The order did not go through

As soon as you order a new tag and the order is processed by us, you will receive a receipt for your order.

If you did not receive this receipt, unfortunately, the order did not go through. Please try again, and if it still does not work, feel free to contact us.


Your name and address are not on the mailbox

We receive many tag orders returned because the name and address on the order do not match the name on the mailbox.

If you have recently moved into your apartment and have not yet updated the name on the mailbox, this is likely the reason the tag was returned to us.

Ensure that you update your mailbox name, and then place the order for the tag again. This should prevent Postnord from having issues delivering the next letter.


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