If you need a tag for your laundry, you may be able to order it yourself. If not, you should contact your landlord or administrator.

If you are a user of a cash laundry, where you transfer money to your laundry account yourself, you can order your new tag. If your usage is billed with your rent, the tag must be provided by your landlord or administrator, so please contact them for a replacement.


How to order a tag on vasketid.dk:

  1. Visit the website: Go to www.vasketid.dk.
  2. Search for your laundry: Enter the laundry's address or the name of your association in the search bar. Select your laundry from the list and click "Continue."
  3. Access the user portal: A new tab will open, showing the user portal for your laundry.
  4. Order the tag: In the menu bar, you will see a red section on the far right labeled "Order tag/card." Click on this red section.
  5. Enter your address details: On the first page, fill in your address details.
  6. Review your order: On the second page, review your order and accept the sales and delivery terms. Click "Pay."
  7. Payment:
    • Card payment: Enter your card details and click "Pay."
    • MobilePay: Enter your phone number and send the request. Open MobilePay and swipe to complete the payment.
  8. Receive confirmation: You will receive a receipt for your purchase. We will now process your order and send the tag to you as quickly as possible.

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