What is a tenancy number and where can I find it?


What is a tenancy number?

A tenancy number is a unique number that consists of a property number, a tenancy number, and a resident number.

If we ask for your tenancy number, it is because you are a user of a credit laundry, where usage is billed with your rent.
We use the tenancy number to set up your laundry account and ensure that your usage is registered on your account and not on someone else's.

If you cannot provide us with your tenancy number, we are limited in the information we can provide. Credit laundries are administered by the housing association or cooperative itself, so inquiries about the laundry account should be directed to them.


Where can I find my tenancy number?

Your housing association can provide it to you. It should be listed in your lease agreement or on a rent statement. In some places, it is called a housing number or a customer number.

If you are unsure, you can always contact your housing association, administration, or caretaker to obtain this information.

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