An activation code is a unique code that links your tag to your laundry account at Nortec. The code is only used once, and that is when you need to activate your tag in the laundry.

If you receive your activation code from your landlord, administrator or from us, you must use the same code when/if you create your user account on E-vaskeri. If you do not use the same code here, your tag and E-vaskeri account will not be synchronized, and you will find that your reservations and usage overview do not appear when you are in the laundry.


Can you provide me with my activation code?

At Nortec, we can provide you with your activation code if you are a user of a cash laundry. In a cash laundry, you have created your account yourself, and we only need to know which phone number or email address your account is registered under.

If you are a new user in a cash laundry and need help setting up, feel free to contact us so we can inform you of your options.

If you are a user in a credit laundry, where your usage is billed with your rent, it is not always possible for us to assist. To provide you with your activation code, you need to provide us with your tenancy number. A tenancy number can usually be found on your lease agreement or a utility bill.


Where can I see my activation code once I am registered?

You can always find your activation code by logging into your E-vaskeri account. On your homepage, you can find it by scrolling all the way down and pressing "Show activation code."

On the screen in the laundry, you can also see the activation code that the tag is activated with. You can find it by scanning the tag on the payment system and then pressing the tag icon to see the information. If you have been given a completely new tag, you will not be able to see the code on the payment system in the laundry, as the tag has never been activated before.

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