Creating a user account


With E-vaskeri, you always have your laundry at your fingertips. You have the ability to view your usage, change personal information, block your laundry tag, and much more.

E-vaskeri is a user-friendly app for both residents and providers, benefiting the entire common laundry and improving your experience.

To create your account on E-vaskeri, first download our app to your smartphone, or visit

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On the homepage, select "Create user" and then search for your laundry.

Please note that here you should search for the laundry’s address, not your own address. If you enable your location services, the page will show the laundries closest to your current location.

You can search by laundry number, laundry address, or your postcode.

When you select your laundry, as a user in a credit laundry, you will be asked to enter your activation code. This should be provided to you by your housing association or administrator.

If you select a cash laundry, you have three options:

  • Order activation code – for those who have received a tag
  • Order new tag – for those who have not received either a tag or an activation code
  • Create user – for those who have received both a tag and an activation code

When you enter your phone number or email address, our system will send you a one-time code to confirm your identity. This one-time code consists of 6 digits and can only be used for creating the user account on E-vaskeri.

Finally, you need to create your own password, which you will use to log in to your account along with your phone number or email. The password must be at least 6 characters long and a mix of numbers and letters.

You are now ready to log into your new account!


Ordering a tag when creating a user account

If you selected “Order new tag” during the creation process, your order is not yet complete. We still need to know where to send the tag.

Log into your new account and start by accepting our privacy policy.
Next, you can see the "Order tag" section on your homepage. Click here.

On the next page, we ask you to enter your full name and full address.
Decide whether you want free or express delivery.
You can choose to transfer an amount to your laundry account now, or you can choose 0 kroner and then transfer money before you wash for the first time.
Click "Select".

Finally, you will see a summary of your order.
Please check the name and address, and accept the terms and conditions.
Click "Proceed to payment".

If your order costs 0 kroner, you will now receive a receipt. If your order has a cost, you will need to pay with your credit card or MobilePay. Note that you may be asked to approve the payment with MitID.


Do you need to create an account on E-vaskeri?

If you are using a credit laundry, where your usage is billed with your rent, it is not necessary to create an account on E-vaskeri. Here, your tag will be linked to your tenancy using your activation code, and your usage will be billed via your rent.

In the laundry, you just need to scan your tag to access the menu, where you can start the machines, reserve new times, view your usage, and see your activation code.

We offer E-vaskeri as a helpful tool if you wish to be able to reserve machines, view your usage, or much more without having to go to the laundry.

If you are using a cash laundry, meaning you transfer money to your laundry account yourself, it will be necessary to create an account. From your account, you can transfer money to your balance, so you always have funds available when you need to wash. Unlike a credit laundry, you will not be able to start a machine if there is not enough money in your account to cover the cost of a wash.

If you do not have a smartphone or computer but use a cash laundry, we are happy to help you create your account.


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