Think about the environment when washing


Always fill the machine completely

Every year, a lot of unnecessary water and energy is used for washes with too few clothes in the machines. You achieve the lowest energy consumption per kilo of clothes by washing as large amounts of clothes as possible at once. Check the capacity of the machine you are using and fill it up to about 75-100% of its capacity. This way, you achieve low energy and water consumption per kilo of clothes, while ensuring a good washing result.


Overdosing detergent results in poor washing outcomes

When washing, it is important for both the environment and the washing result that you do not overdose. Follow the instructions on the detergent packaging exactly. Using too much detergent worsens the washing result and puts unnecessary strain on the environment.


Balanced resource consumption with Nortec washing machines

All Nortec industrial washing machines are equipped with the patented WSS weighing system. The system controls water, electricity, and detergent consumption, adjusting it precisely according to the amount of clothes in the machine. Even a few items of clothing can be washed in a large machine without wasting resources. This allows for the choice of larger machines and thus provides great flexibility in the laundry without increasing water and energy consumption.


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