What can I use EasyLaundry for?


EasyLaundry has been developed to assist our users, so it is no longer necessary to be in the laundry to check your consumption or book machines.

We have made it wonderfully easy for you to access your account from your phone.

On EasyLaundry, you can find many of the same features as on www.vasketid.dk, including your account information, consumption overview, reservations, money transfers, and much more.

What you can find on EasyLaundry depends on which modules your housing association or society has chosen. Therefore, the features will vary from laundry to laundry.

EasyLaundry is your online access to your laundry, just from your phone.


Starting page

On your starting page, you get an overview of the options available on your EasyLaundry.


My account

Under the "My account" section, you can find your information. You will find, among other things, your user number, which indicates the number assigned to your tag. This means that no one else has the same number, as each number is unique.

If you are a resident in a credit laundry, the user number is the same as your apartment number with your administrator. This way, they can charge your consumption to your rent each month.

In the overview, you can also see which email address you have provided, block your tag, and delete your account and user data.


My purchases

Here you get an overview of all your purchases. You can see both the date and time of your purchase, which machine you bought, and the price of the machine.



In the overview, you can see which machines are in the laundry, the price of the machine, and the current status.


Top up

In this section, you can, if possible, transfer money to your laundry account. Some laundries are referred to www.vasketid.dk for transfers.


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