No heating – venting or heating error


A dryer not heating is one of the most common issues we hear about. Some residents find that their clothes are still damp or wet and cold after drying, while others experience the dryer showing an error before or during drying. There can be several reasons why a dryer is not heating. Here, we will explain the various possibilities and offer a tip for you if you ever encounter this error.


Heating error

When machines are used frequently, the heating elements will eventually need to be replaced. When it's time, the machine will gradually lose its drying function, and the elements will need to be replaced.

This must be done by a technician, so it is very important that you report it to your landlord or housing association if you notice the dryer is not heating as it should. If you are a user of a TotalCare laundry, you are welcome to book a service technician here.

Another reason for a heating error could be that there is too much laundry in the machine. When the machine is overfilled, not enough air can circulate in the drum, which is necessary for distributing the clothes and measuring temperatures. For safety reasons, the machine will thus report a heating error. We recommend filling the machine only halfway up to the glass.

If you think you might have had too much laundry in the machine, please remove some, restart the machine, and start a new drying programme.

To restart the machine, find the on/off button at the back, turn off the machine for 30 seconds, and then turn it on again.


Venting error

This is also a common issue we encounter. Just as the machine can report a heating error, it can also show a venting error. This error message is quite specific as it indicates that there are problems with the venting system.

From the wall in the laundry room to the exterior wall of the building, there is a venting duct. When the dryer operates and needs to expel the warm air, it is sent out through this venting duct. If this duct is clogged with dirt, leaves, or even water, the machine will show an error.

If you experience this error, please contact your landlord or administration. Unfortunately, our technicians cannot assist with venting errors, as this is part of the building's fixed installation.

You are welcome to try restarting the machine by turning off the power at the back for 15 seconds and then turning it back on. The error may be cleared, and you can try starting a drying cycle again. However, still remember to report it to your landlord or housing association.

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