Out of balance during spinning


When this message appears on the washing machine's display, it means the machine has stopped during the spin cycle. This stop is due to the machine being out of balance because the items being washed are not distributed correctly inside the drum.

Inside the machine, there is a switch that registers every time the drum rotates. It detects when the machine is out of balance and will display an error if this happens.

From our experience, a common cause of this error is washing items like a pillow or other clothes/blankets that absorb a lot of water.

In this case, for example, the pillow absorbs so much water during washing that it becomes a heavy mass inside the drum. As a result, it does not get distributed correctly during the spin cycle, and since the machine detects an imbalance, it reports an error.

If you experience this, we recommend trying to squeeze as much water out of your washed item as possible and putting something else in the washing machine to help distribute the load better. This could be washing balls or other laundry items.

Remember to reset the machine by turning off the power at the back for 15 seconds and turning it back on. After restarting, the machine should be ready to use again.

If you continue to experience errors or cannot get the machine to work again, you can report the fault here.

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