Temperature not reached


If you experience your washing machine displaying this error when washing, we will help you understand the error and provide assistance on what you can do in this situation.

When the error message "Temperature not reached" appears on the machine's display, it indicates that it was not possible to reach the temperature you selected for the programme. There can be several reasons for this.

There might, of course, be a defect in the machine, such as a faulty heating element. However, we also find that there can be other factors at play that might be helpful for the user to know.

If you have put more laundry in the machine than indicated on the glass, the machine does not have enough space to work properly. For safety reasons, it will register an error, and you will need to empty the machine so that the drum is at most half full. You must then restart the machine.

Before you can restart the machine, you need to reset the washing machine to clear the error message. Go behind the machine and turn off the power for 15 seconds. You need to either turn a round knob or press the on/off switch. After restarting, the error should be cleared, and you can start the wash again.

If the error occurs again, or if the error is still displayed after restarting, you should report the fault to the landlord or Nortec. If you are a user of a TotalCare laundry, you can book a service technician here.

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