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Are you dealing with a new resident who needs a tag for the laundry and help with user registration on E-vaskeri or Here is some assistance.


Issuing a new tag

For the resident to start a machine in the laundry, you need to provide them with a tag. The tag can either be elongated or round – this depends on the payment system in the laundry. If there is a Flextouch payment screen, elongated tags should be used. If there is an Easy payment system, round tags should be used.

When the resident scans their tag on the payment system, the tag must be linked to an account where the usage can be paid from. You need to be aware of how payment in the laundry operates.

If it is a cash laundry, where residents top up money on their laundry account themselves, you can simply hand them an elongated tag and the folder "Welcome as a user in the laundry." The folder guides the resident on how to create their user account, read their activation code, and help them deposit money into the laundry account. If you need to issue a round tag in a laundry with an Easy payment system, be aware that the tag must be pre-coded. Therefore, scan the tag on the system in the laundry before issuing it to ensure it works. If it is coded from Nortec, you will see the machines immediately. If it is not coded, you need to code it yourself using the ITag program on your computer.

If you need to issue a tag to a resident in a credit laundry, where usage is billed to the rent, there are a few important points to be aware of. To ensure the billing is applied to the correct rental unit, it is very important that you or the property manager ensure that a tag is coded or the correct activation code is given to the resident. A tag for an Easy payment system must be coded to the rental unit number, and similarly, an elongated tag must be activated with an activation code belonging to an account for the current rental unit number.


User registration

All users of both cash and credit laundries have an account in our administration systems. Without an online account, usage cannot be collected and billed.

For users of a cash laundry, it is necessary to register in order to transfer money to the account. Here you can give the resident the folder "Welcome as a user in the laundry," which provides information on registration and transferring money to the laundry account. If you have a resident who, for other reasons, cannot register online, they can still get help to create an account with us. We would appreciate it if you would refer them to us, as we will then help them create an account and inform them about the payment options.

Users of a credit laundry do not need to create an account since there is no need to transfer money to the laundry account before use. As soon as the tag is activated with the correct activation code or coded to the correct rental unit number, it can be used in the laundry. If the user wants an account on E-vaskeri or vasketid, they are of course welcome to register. They can enjoy the many features that ensure the laundry is always at their fingertips. For user registration, they can find help under the category “Laundry user.”


User materials for the resident

We have created a folder that can help the resident with user registration on E-vaskeri, as well as additional information on, for example, transfers.

This is available for both cash and credit laundries.

The folder is called "Welcome as a user in the laundry" and can be ordered free of charge. Just send us an email with the number you want, the address of the laundry, and the address where the package can be sent.

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