Once you have registered your user on Nortec Charge, you are almost ready to start your charging.

However, you need to know a bit about the different payment methods, which we will go through here.


Transfer money

At the top of your page, you will see the "Transfer money" button.
Click here to proceed to the payment, then choose the amount you want to transfer.
On the next page, you must accept our terms and conditions, and you can sign up for automatic top-up with the amount you have chosen.
Click next, then enter your payment details. If you sign up for automatic top-up, you cannot pay with MobilePay, but only with a payment card. If you are making a single payment, you can choose both payment methods.

Please note that you need to approve your payment with MitID.


Out on your starting page, you can also find the section "Automatic top-up."
Here, you can directly sign up so you don't have to monitor your balance and can always be sure that you have money to charge.
By signing up for automatic top-up, you agree that Nortec will withdraw the agreed amount from your payment card when the balance is depleted.
Just follow the above process to sign up.

NFC tag

If you want a tag to activate the charging point, you can order one from Nortec.
For some users, it is better to have a tag rather than using a phone, and we can certainly help with that.

Click on the "More" menu at the bottom of Nortec Charge.
Then go to "Order a tag." Here we ask you to fill in your full name, full address, city, and postal code. If you wish to transfer money to the account when ordering, you can select an amount from the list below. Click "Select" next to the desired amount. Then, accept our terms and conditions and send the order.
You will now receive a receipt, and we will receive your order.


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