Once you have registered your user on Nortec Go, you are almost ready to start your charging.

However, you need to know a bit about the different payment methods, which we will go through here.



Under the "Me" tab, you will find your personal wallet. Here, you can link your payment card so that payment happens automatically, or you can transfer money to your account.

Click on your wallet, and you will see your options.

If you want to top up an amount, click on "Top up." Here, you can choose to deposit now or set up an automatic top-up agreement. Simply enter the amount you want to top up and choose your payment method. Activate automatic top-up if you wish, and complete the purchase.

If you want to link your payment card to your wallet, so you are only charged for your actual consumption per charging session, and not have money in your wallet, click on "Add payment method." Enter your payment details and confirm by clicking "Add payment card."

If you use the charging point on a regular basis, we recommend that you add your payment card or set up an automatic top-up. This makes the experience easier for you, and you won’t have to keep an eye on your wallet.


NFC tag

If you want a tag to activate the charging point with, you can order one from Nortec. Just call us, and we will send one to you free of charge. For some users, it is better to have a tag rather than a phone, and we can certainly help with that.

To add your NFC tag to your account, go to the "Me" tab and then into your wallet. Scroll down a bit on the page and click on the green plus. Here, you can choose to read the tag through the app or pair it through the charging point. Choose the desired method and follow the instructions.


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