When you want to use a charging point from Nortec, we first recommend that you check the instructions down at the parking lot.
Here we cover user registration on Nortec Go and Nortec Charge, the QR function for guests, and the operation of the charging point.

See more about user registration on Nortec Go here.

See more about user registration on Nortec Charge here.

In some housing associations or societies, the installed charging point can only be used by residents of the association or society. Here, you will be given a join code that grants you access to the charging point. The code is provided by the landlord or the administrator.


How do I pay?

Your housing association can have either a cash or credit solution.
If cash payment is available, your payment is made via your user on Nortec Go or Nortec Charge but can also be done by scanning the QR code you find on the charging point. Through your user, you transfer money to your Nortec Go wallet or Nortec Charge account, which is billed when you scan your charging tag at the point.
For QR payment, your card is registered, and billing occurs upon completion of the charge.

If your housing association has a credit solution, payment is made with your chip. The chip is activated with a unique code, ensuring your consumption is billed to your rent.


What does it cost?

The price is variable and follows the current electricity price. You can find out the current price for you in your Nortec Go or Nortec Charge app or by asking your housing association.

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