On the charging point, we have described a quick guide for registration. Many users find the help they need here, along with a phone number for Nortec if they need further assistance.

If the resident hasn’t managed to get started themselves and reaches out to the landlord/administrator, we guide you here on how to help the resident get started.

First, the user needs to access the correct platform – we have three options:

  • Nortec Go
  • Nortec Charge
  • E-vaskeri (for credit payment where there is also a laundry)

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Nortec Go

Nortec Go is developed on Montas’ platform, offering many features for the user to enjoy. For example, they have access to more than 300,000 public charging points across Europe when they are on the go. See all the features below.

If you are unsure about the join-code they need, feel free to contact us if you can't find it in the user materials provided at the start. The join-code signs the user up for the team if you have chosen a semi-public or private solution.


Nortec Charge

Nortec Charge is developed on the E-vaskeri platform and thus has the same structure and module setup. Nortec Charge also offers as many features as E-vaskeri, much to the users' delight. With Nortec Charge, users get a full overview of their account, easy access to top-ups, usage summaries, and many other options.

In some locations, the user needs an activation code to register. As a caretaker or administrator, you can log in to Datpro to find the code for the resident or create a code if you have a new resident.



In some locations, the E-vaskeri app is also used for the charging point. The reason it runs on the same app is that the charging point is located where there is already a laundry with an EC Flextouch payment system. Here, the E-vaskeri app is used, and it can be connected with Nortec Charge. Instead of having two apps, everything is therefore under E-vaskeri, making it easy and clear for the user to manage both the laundry and the charging point.

For registration on E-vaskeri, the resident needs an activation code from the caretaker or administrator. If Nortec is to help, we need to know the resident’s full rental unit number. The usage on the charging point, like the laundry, will be billed to the rent, so we need to register the user correctly and provide the activation code that matches the rental unit.


Does the user need a tag?

It is not necessary to have a tag to start the charging point. While you might know from the laundry that a machine cannot be started without a tag, it’s not quite the same with the charging point.

On the three platforms, you can connect the car directly from the app and start charging immediately.

If a tag is desired, simply contact Nortec – we will send one free of charge.

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