Logging in to your laundry's page


On www.vasketid.dk, you can find your laundry's page, where you can reserve machines, check your usage, and transfer money to your laundry account if you are a user of a cash laundry.

In the search field "Search for your laundry," enter the laundry's address or the name of your association.
When it appears on the list, click "Continue" to go to your laundry's page.

Click on "Log in" in the menu bar.

For your first login, enter the number on your tag in the "Username" field. For example, if your tag number is 106-255-1, your username is 106. Similarly, if your tag number is 25-4-1, your username is 25.
The default password for your first login is: 1234.
You will be prompted to create a new password, which you will use for future logins along with your username.
Follow the instructions to set your new password.

Once you have set your new password, you will have access to your account on vasketid.dk.

If you experience any issues logging in, feel free to contact us, and we can help reset your password.


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