If you lose your tag, we recommend blocking it as soon as possible. Blocking your tag ensures that it cannot be used by others, preventing you from paying for usage that is not your own.

You are welcome to contact customer service, who can help you block your tag.

However, if you have an account on E-vaskeri, we would like to guide you on how to do it yourself. This also teaches you how to unblock it if you are lucky enough to find it one day.


Blocking via E-vaskeri

Log in to your account and press the menu "More" at the bottom right corner.

In the menu, select "Barter piece." Your tag will be blocked immediately and cannot be used in the laundry. If your tag is scanned at the payment system, it will show "You have no access."

If you find your tag again, the procedure to unblock it is the same. Go to "Barter piece" but now you can unblock the tag instead.

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